Foto's Voice Of Peace

5 Years ago Abe Nathan, the founder of the Voice of Peace, decided that it was time to close down his station which transmitted a message of peace and understanding since 1973 to the people in the Middle East.

As a memory to Abe and his great station, Hans Knot digged out of his archive 25 photographs to bring some of the sparkling moments back!

Thank you Abe and all the guys who worked for the station. May we wish peace will come someday in the Middle East.

This first photo is one seen several times in black and white but it came out of the SMC archive in colour!
Hidden for us for all those years by Rob Olthof

knotO1.jpg (19115 bytes)
MV Peace in Ashdod

knot02.jpg (17136 bytes)
MV Peace in Ashdod

knot03.jpg (21062 bytes)
MV Peace in Ashdod

knot04.jpg (19328 bytes)
MV Peace on High Seas

knot05.jpg (34608 bytes)
MV Peace in New York 1972

knot06.jpg (34990 bytes)
MV Peace in Groningen harbour 1969

knot07.jpg (24350 bytes)
MV Peace in Marseille Harbour 1974

knot08.jpg (23663 bytes)
Ian Hudson

knot09.jpg (27145 bytes)
Captain Aaldijk from Holland

knot10.jpg (35127 bytes)
Pete Jeffries

knot11.jpg (26762 bytes)
Abe Nathan in younger days

knot12.jpg (26853 bytes)
Robin Banks

knot13.jpg (29532 bytes)
Tony Allen

knot14.jpg (23977 bytes)
Mike 'Coconut'

knot15.jpg (20478 bytes)
Transmitterroom in early days

knot16.jpg (26703 bytes)
Chrispian St John, Tony Britten and Carl Kingston

knot17.jpg (35333 bytes)
Studio Voice of Peace

knot18.jpg (29014 bytes)
Kas Collins

knot19.jpg (31435 bytes)
Arnold C Bio, chief engineer in the 90's

knot20.jpg (36179 bytes)
Studio Voice of Peace

knot21.jpg (15743 bytes)
MV Peace at dawn

knot22.jpg (15282 bytes)
MV Rolf in Groningenharbour as the ship was named as it was built in 1940. Later it became the MV Cito and from 1970 the MV Peace

knot23.jpg (25797 bytes)
David Lee

knot24.jpg (32520 bytes)
Deejays sunbathing on the deck of the MV Peace

knot25.jpg (43917 bytes)
MV Peace just minutes before sinking with Abe watching from the tender in Oktober 1993.

Met dank aan Hans Knot voor bovenstaande foto's.